Violin & Strings Academy

The Violin & Strings Academy aims to impart the Finest coaching to those interested in learning Violin.

Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass – these four stringed instruments together make up the Violin Family. Learning these beautiful instruments requires of the student to first acquaint him/herself with the proper technique and theory.

Instruments of the Violin family require great perseverance when learning them.

As you embark on a journey to discover the Violin be prepared to spend quality time practicing the lessons. In turn you shall be rewarded with priceless music that shall flow every time you lay your hands on these beautiful instruments.


Currently, there are four structured Modules:

Module 1 (3 Months): Fundamentals of Western Music / Basic Warm – Ups and Finger Exercises / Bowing Techniques / Body Balance and Ear Training.

Module 2 (3 Months): Introduction to Staff Notation / Scales / Music Theory

Module 3 (6 Months): Advanced Level 1 – Bowing techniques / Finger Drills / Etudes / Eta Cohen Violin Method

Module 4 (6 Months): Advanced Level 2 – Eta Cohen Violin Method Book series (contd.), Advanced Lessons / Scales / Arpeggio

Please Note:

  • VSA Material or Books can be collected only on payment of fees.
  • Fees at VSA are NOT payable for Modules.
  • Fees at VSA are payable for 12 sessions at a time (to be completed in 3 months)
  • Students can catch up with lessons at another centre or time by prior intimation only.
  • If the student is interested in enrolling with VSA after taking Class One, He/She shall be taking the remainder 11 sessions to complete a set of 12 sessions.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If a student has had sessions beyond his/her 12 sessions tenure and would like to take a break; he/she is required to pay for the extra classes attended.
  • On finishing 12 sessions  need to  enroll  for another set of 12 sessions.  If in doubt call  us.

Violin Center

3 Violin

Chembur (E): 

The Music Gurukul (Main Centre / Head Office) : Plot 68, Ground Floor, Laxmi bhawan, Sindhi Society, Chembur (E), Mumbai – 400071
Timings: Sunday afternoons
1 Hour 15 minute sessions for a group of 4 with our Expert Coach

1 Violin