Music Production Course


The Music Gurukul has for more than a decade helped impart quality Music Education to scores of Students from all overs. We take it ahead now by introducing the Music Production Courses.

Music Production refers to making music in a DAW set up. DAW is Digital Audio Workstation. Technological breakthroughs in the field of Audio Recording has made it possible for us to create beautiful music sitting in the comforts of our home. These simple yet amazingly powerful set-ups can help[ you make any style of Music single-handedly. You can incorporate live musicians and take your Music production to greater heights.



The Music Gurukul’s Music Production Course covers:

1. Logic or

2. Cubase / Nuendo

Salient Features: 

1. This course helps you master your chosen DAW Software. 

2. It gives you knowledge of Music Arrangement and Composing.

3. Students can start making music for self and other artists.

4. The institute helps you to make your own set-up so that you can practice and perfect your talent.

5. Learn to do Vocal and Instrument RECORDINGS.


COURSE Options

20 Hours over 8 Weeks

30 Hours over 10 Weeks